Even more 6mm Allies for the Emperor!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating today.  I for one am thankful to get more German allies across the table.  First up two regiments from Hesse-Darmstadt.  The Lieb Regiment and the Leib Garde.  Combined with the Hessian Chevauleger from last month and a stand of artillery I have everything I need from this group.

Another completed element, I started these three stands of Westphalians a couple of years ago.  Now with standards and Grenadiers, I will add them to the done pile.

Finally a couple of additions to the Duchy of Warsaw contingent.  One more stand of lancers and another artillery Battery.  

With the arrival of my most recent Baccus Order I now have enough figs to complete the Polish infantry divisions and do the Saxon contingent.


  1. Some great additions to your French-allied troops, Jake!

  2. Amazing work again. Really impressive work in such a small scale


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