Halloween 2014- The Noncombatants

I decided to resurrect the father-son Halloween adventure game this year, this time in 28mm.  I figure our story could start in an unassuming medieval village, which might require some more unassuming villagers.

These are actually Gaul Civilian packs from Black Tree Design I picked up some time ago.  I already have 8 of the viking villagers painted, so this gives me a large group of potential victims to put in peril.

Game number one will take place in the fields surrounding the village.
Here village life goes on..

Farmer working his field

And some traders coming into the village
I wonder what lies in wait in the woods?


  1. If this was a bad horror movie, the dark, menacing woods would be the first place our naive visitors would look. Isn't it?

    BTD Gaul civilians? Had not seen those before.

    1. My mistakes these are "Celtic Folk" from BTDs Ancients range

  2. "Did I nae warn ye, sprout, nae to go by th' woods near dusk... "

  3. Hmmm, "unassuming" - that first group of guys look pretty buff and intimidating to mess with : )!


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