Wurttemberg Jagers and Light Infantry

Wurttemberg Jaegers

My Light Infantry contingent is now complete.  The Baccus Jager pack comes with the standard 50/50 mix of skirmishers presenting and reloading.  I opted to retain the 30x60mm basing for these to make the open order look more pronounced.  I went with 16 figs per stand for the same reason.

I have been relying heavily on my copy of Peter's Blunders on the Danube sourcebook for my orders of battle.  (It's available on PDF now as well, so if you are interested in the time period consider grabbing a copy.) Thus I opted to just do two stands formy Wurttemberg Corps, and have enough figs left over to do another unit to be determined.

Light Infantry

The light infantry differ from the Jaegers in having light blue cuffs and colors rather than black.  I made the cuffs a little over sized just to allow for easier ID at a distance.

Looking at the figures I ordered, I realized I forgot to get a pack of Wurttemberg Skirmishing infantry.  I was planning on using those sculpts to do the light infantry stands for my Baden corps, so I will need to throw them in for the next order.  (Which is going to have to wait until I get all the Poles painted...)


  1. You're certainly pumping these out in record time! Best, Dean


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