Hurts so Baden

One of the great advantages to this scale is that the small details tend to vanish at normal gaming distance.  Thus I decided that the Wurttemberg Chevauleger sculpts would in a pinch for the Baden Dragoons.  This finally completes the formations cavalry contingent, so I jest need to get some artillery and light infantry knocked out.  I have the artillerymen ready to go (I am splitting the Wurttemberg Artillery pack from Baccus to do two stands), the light infantry, however are at least a month or two out at this point.


  1. Your Napoleonics collection continues to expand with additions of interesting units. With my aging eyes, however, detail on even 28s tend to disappear at normal gaming distances. Sometimes, 6s disappear altogether!

    1. Its all about the process. There is no way I could complete this project in 28mm and still pursue other eras.


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