1/6000 Imperial Japanese Navy Part 2 - The Destroyers

Probably the quickest to paint up were the destroyers.  In this scale there is really no way to pick out even barrels on the turrets, so I focused on hull, superstructure and decks.  I went with an acrylic wash, rather than the normal stain as I didn't want to lose what little fine detail there is.
All of these are actually molded into their bases which makes them borderline counters.  The bases do have small (4mmx4mm) tabs at the stern which are only really large enough to write 1-2 legible numbers.  There are 68 destroyers in the Coral Sea pack, so my creativity is limited to F-1, F-2, etc for the Fubuki's, H-# for Hatsuharu, etc.

Small differences are not that apparent at this scale so there is one sculpt for similar ship classes.

This scale is really all about fleet actions, so much like my 6mm collection MASS is the key to a good looking battle.


  1. My goodness, that's a lot of Destroyers! How many were there in the entire Japanese Fleet? :-)

    1. Looked it up:

      110 Japanese destroyers at the start of WW2, plus 33 more constructed during the war.

  2. Great addition, I would guess it will look great in action


  3. Positively tiny! Certainly will be able to make some large games with these. Will each model represent an individual destroyer or a destroyer group?


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