Prince Eugene and his Italian friends

A few more 6mm Italians to round out the month of August.  The command stand for Prince Eugene are three of the Generic "Marshals" from Adler's Marshals of France Pack.  I did an additional Italian Infantry commander using another Generic fig and three left over Adler French Infantry painted as Italian regulars.

Lastly, I painted up two additional Baccus French Limber stands, but went with green coats rather than blue to provide my upcoming Italian Artillery with some mobility.

I have really been enjoying my re-visitation to 6mm Napoleonics.  I just finished base coating four stands worth of Wurttemberger Infantry and they are now joining the Baden Light Dragoons and some artillery in line for a wash.  My German Allies are developing nicely, so it would seem time to give some attention to the Poles.


  1. Very nice work (it was my first army, in 15mm) on these Italian troops...

  2. Lovely work. I like how the limber appear to moving along a dirt road. How do you find Adler compared to Baccus?

  3. Nice command stand. I wish I had Italian friends :)!

  4. Nice additions. Always good to have Italian friends!


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