6mm Empress Dragoons

At last my Cavalry contingent is complete!  These are the Adler Princess Dragoon sculpts and are as nicely detailed as all of the others.

I thought it might be useful to do a comparison, so here they are next to the latest Baccus French Dragoons

The size difference is very apparent with the Adler figures looking more like 8-10mm sculpts.  I actually prefer the larger sculpts as they make the unit 'pop' better amidst the hordes of Infantry.  The Baccus resculpts also now have a molded Flag on for the standard bearer which makes attaching flags unnecessary.


  1. They came out very nicely. I do prefer the look of the larger figures!

  2. Nice indeed and I like the staggered way you have based them. I think both work fine on the table but not right next to each other



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