Italian Royal Guard

I opted to use the left over Adler Old Guard Grenadiers to flesh out my Army of Italy for the 1809 campaign.  So here they are as the Italian Royal Guard.  I will be using some Baccus Grenadiers to do a regiment of Velites to join them.

I am not sure how accurate it is, but I opted to use a sprue of Adler Imperial Guard artillerymen to do a single battery to support my Royal Guard brigade.

The gun is one of Adler's 8lbs, which isn't apparent unless you see it next to the 4 and 12lb cannon.  (all of which are probably the same at observers beyond 18 inches)  


  1. Very nice. Once the Waterloo stuff is all done I will have to get back to my Italians


  2. Great looking green-coats!

  3. I just recently added the missing 18th figure to my own Italian Royal Guards, which have seen extensive tabletop use; they will appear yet again as stand-ins at Montmirail. After that I have to finish my long in stasis post on the Italian Royal Guards (well, that and after painting the multifacing colored mounted Guard of Honor).

    I don't recall that there was a foot company in the Italian Royal Guard, but there may have been. They wouldn't have worn the bearskin in 1809 (that was new even for the French in 1810), but who cares regadless?

    The Horse Artillery of the Royal Guard wore a uniform nearly identical to that of their Imperial Guard counterparts, save only for the substitution of Royal/Italian cockades and symbols for the Imperial/French ones.


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