French Imperial Guard Artillery

Back to my efforts to complete my Imperial Guard detachments, we have six stands of artillery; four of foot and two of horse.

All of the figures are Adler once again with 2 stands of 12lb cannon, 2 of 8lb cannon and some little 4lb-ers for the horse artillery.

Foot Artillery

See the difference in cannons? Really?

Horse Artillery

For the horse artillery I am planning on adding some Limber stands in the short term.  I have some leftover Baccus horses from my earlier limbers, so I plan on marrying them up with some appropriately painted hussars to create a workable representation in 6mm.


  1. Surprisingly recognizable!

    As you know, when possible, i like to put one or more mounted gunners on the stands for my Horse Artillery batteries; adding limbers is another way to give a similar, quick visual impression of mobility.

  2. You definitely have to squint a bit to see the difference on the tabletop, I think. I haven't bothered to include different calibers in my 6mm ACW set because I think in this scale "a battery of guns" is an acceptable abstraction. Unless you happen to be an artillery enthusiast of course :)

    1. I think 6mm would probably be a poor choice for an artillery enthusiast unless he was looking for 20-21st Century....

  3. Nice work! I noticed the blue-colored edging on the HA. Does this have a gaming purpose?

    As Peter said, very recognizable!


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