6mm Erzherzog Karl Legion

Going through some of my leftovers I found the excess Austrian Landwehr figs I had from a previous project.  I had a mix of Skirmishers and Line castings, but no command figs, so I decided to do them as two stands from the Erzherzog Karl Legion.  Down the road I will probably buy another pack to do two stands with command and then perhaps some Insurrectio


  1. Another nice addition to your growing 6mm armies. Best, Dean

  2. The EHK Legion is a favorite unit of mine; when you get the command figures, do the flag with the Bohemian Lion (probably white lion on a red shield with a white field and red flames is closest to the way it actually would have looked), reverse as yellow Ordinare Fahne.

    1. Thanks. I will do that with the next pack. I am currently looking at your site for inspiration for the two stands of Inner Austria Landwehr I completed.


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