Spanish Slingers

Currently recovering from a pretty bad bought with Bronchitis, so output has dropped substantially.  (The inhaler medication makes me a little too edgy to wield a brush reliably.)   I have, however, at least managed to finish basing another unit.

This time it is a unit of slingers for my Reconquista Spanish army.  These are sculpts from BTD's Norman range.  They come in a pack of four with some tear-dropped shaped shields, but I opted to swap them for these plastic round shields to make them a little more Spanish.

 Seeing them now under the lights, I think I need to hit them with the dullcote again....


  1. Slingers look good! Did these get the Minwax treatment? I quite like the depth of the skin tones and facial features.

    1. I use Army Painter dark wash with a 50/50 mix with Mineral Spirit. It increases the flow and cuts down on the overwhelming sheen. I normally go: base Coat (either Flat black or AP Skeleton Bone) Block Paint, Wash w/24 hour cure, highlights.

  2. These guys have a lot of character - nice details on the tunic hem too. I agree with Jonathan on the shading. Dean

  3. Good aditions. I had forgotten slingers were still in use this late!

    Sorry to hear about the Bronchitis (evidently with bronchospasm); hopfully it improves soon!


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