Arab Horse Archers

Also finally completed my Black Tree Design Arab Horse Archers.  With my Crusader army complete, it seems the right time to finish their opposition.  (Besides Jon seems set on painting Christian Heavy Cavalry for his Arab armies, so I might as well...)

As I mentioned last time, I have a lot of completed riders (for many eras, for some reason) and have had some writer's block when it comes to mounts of late.  These Arab mounts are a nice transition to help me overcome it as I get a chance to be colorful and diverse.  I hope to have all of my Arab cavalry done in the next few weeks, then I can concentrate on finally finishing my 6mm Imperial Guard for my Napoleonics.


  1. Great work! The BTD horse archers are really nice figures.

  2. Excellent Arab cav - something I've not tackled. Best, Dean

  3. Very nice "cupids". I don't know about Impetus, but we spent a LOT of time getting Horse Archers right for band of brothers 2nd edition. In the 1 st edition, they were little more than expensive speed bumps. Now, given adequate room to maneuver, they can be a royal pain in the posterior!

    1. We have only played a few games with them, but they definitely work well for tormenting heavy cavalry and infantry units


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