This site is going to the dogs...

With all the Skirmish figures I have been painting it was only a matter of time until I painted at least one unit with no discernible purpose.  This is a hound master and three mastiffs from Warlord Games.  My son wanted me to paint up a dog to go with one of his figures a few years back, so I thought I would add some 28mm hounds to the mix as well.  I really like the look of the Mastiff sculpts and will inevitably have to come up with an excuse to use them.

I tried to go with a black-gold effect on the fur of the darker Mastiff, it game out darker than I wanted and the color is completely washed out in these photos.  I should probably do some Wolfhounds for authenticity, but I would love to find some Basset hounds in this scale..


  1. Very nice work on the dogs!

  2. Great looking canines! Just yesterday I was looking at the sled dogs from Copplestone. I just want one though - to do some conversion work for a small project. Best, Dean

  3. Nice Canines! We're a decidedly doggie family - my wife and I have 2 Golden Retrievers, as does my younger daughter (finishing 2nd year Veterinary School). My older daughter just got her second Beagle puppy last week.

    I have about a diozen dogs of various breeds on my painting tyable (ex Mega Miniatures line).

  4. I'm pretty sure that Megaminis used to have Basset hounds. They've gone out of business now, but it's likely they sold the dog molds to someone.


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