Oh Lord! Deliver us from the fury of the North men!

Two boxed sets now complete.  62 figs for less than $40 is not a bad deal these days.  I managed to finish off the remaining 8 Huscarls and 28 Bondi.  I forgot that I raided these packs for some bows for the El Cid project, so I came up four shy for a Viking bow-armed levy unit for Saga.  Otherwise I was able to put together three rather solid warrior units that will serve as either Vikings or Anglo-Danes for me to try out the rules.


  1. I was going to ask if they were WGF, but then saw the tag. Nice work.


  2. You are pumping figures off the desk at a rapid rate! Your must be making a good dent into your lead pile.

    1. Close to, I just need to stop adding figs to it faster than I get them out.

  3. Impressive output of quality work! These plastics are quite a bargain; particularly with fine brushwork like this.

  4. Motre fine addotions to your collection!


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