When setting up games, Mason always wants to add villagers and farmers to go along with the builders.  Thus I opted to add a few 28mm non-combatants to the mix.  These are Black Tree Designs' Viking Civilian packs.  I got a total of 1 young lady, three men and four children

As a counter to the more brightly colored shields of the Dark Age warriors, I wanted to keep these guys somewhat drab and subdued.

These figures come with plenty of character, I especially like the little Wooden sword carried by one of the kids.  In addition to these I also dug up a fantasy Priest from a collection of figures I picked up awhile back.

He works as a nice friendly evangelical with a little club to help him reach the more reticent potential converts...

I also have some Gaulic Civilians on back order, but they have been there for quite some time now.  I should probably do some 28mm buildings for these guys to live in....


  1. Villagers go well with sheep...

    1. I have considered that, but have not yet found an inexpensive source for 28mm livestock

    2. Megaminis used to have some sheep; it looks like they sold them to Turnkey Miniatures:

      Looks like sheep are between $1.50 for lambs, and $2.30 for rams and ewes, with a ten pack for $15.00, so they might do the job.

  2. Very nice work, the kids are great


  3. Nice ones, love these non combattant units!

  4. You have been double Liebstered! I nominated you for a Liebster Award

  5. I understand and appreciate. I intend to do something about it as soon as I kick this ebola-hanta-hemoragic fever my students have inflicted on me.


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