Fatimid Army in review

This is post 300!  I rarely note such milestones, but I figured I would celebrate by posting some 6mm figs that inspired the blog in the first place.

This time I have the leader stands for my Fatimid Army complete

I've got one obvious army commander

Two stands of flank commanders

and some additional heroes and generals

While I had the camera out, I opted to take a few photos of the other figs using the appropriate background

Horse Archers

Bedouin Light Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry

I have enough to face off against my 6mm Spanish/Normans, so I will see if I my son is interested in a trial game.  In the future I will probably add some camel riders and some heavy cavalry with armored horses.


  1. Congratulations on your blogging milestone! Your Fatimid army looks terrific.

  2. Really amazing and wonderful army. You certainly make 6mm impressive in scale in its own right

  3. Fantastic, this army is really fantastic!

  4. Well done, the Internet thanks you for your contribution sir!

  5. A very nice army, and a big yes! to trghe idea of adding the Camels!

  6. 300 posts, none to shabby sir.

    Good looking army as well



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