6mm Fatamid Heavy Cavalry

Some heavy cavalry to add to my Fatamid army.  This project is finally nearing completion.  I have two more units of heavy cavalry to go, and then the command stands.  (Sooo many Camel Drummers...)

Once again I focused on using a colorful mix of shields as a counter-point to my Crusader armies.  There was a primer issue for nine of the models that I tried to hide in the back of the stands.

I like the overall look I got with these, but will probably add a unit w/ armored warhorses to make them easier to differentiate from the medium/light cavalry units at this scale.


  1. Well done, nice looking cavalry...

  2. Again, amazing work in such a small scale! I almost got into the scale when I had some Roman Seas paper ships. I scaled down to 1/1200th for the ships so too small for figures!

  3. Very colourful and nice work


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