Ragnar Lothbrok

My first metal figure for my Saga viking army.  This is the Ragnar Lothbrok figure from Gripping Beast (note he looks nothing like the modern interpretation on the "History" channel)  The original comes with a separate spear hand, but I thought this Dane-ax from the Wargames Factory Viking set looked a little more heroic.

I decided to take some time with this figure and practice doing some decent detail.  I have been doing 6mm figs for so long, that the concept of fine detail on clothing has kind of slipped away.

The figure itself is beautifully sculpted and well detailed.  I picked it up with an  order from Caliver Books to take advantage of their discounts and free shipping.  They are an awesome source for UK figs.

With limited painting time this month, I am also focusing on getting the last of the plastic vikings out of the way.  Here are my first few 'levy' bow and a fanciful duel axe wielder.

Finally I have been trying some practice games of Saga using my 6mm figs (1 stand = 1 figure)  Although I am not a big fan of specialty dice, my son thinks they are awesome and thus I have started making up a few:

Amazon sells packs of 50 blank dice with prime shipping for about $12.  They are not pretty, but it beats $19 a set for the official ones...


  1. Ragnar is looking very good, and I did the same and made my own dice they work thats all that really matters and of course save a lot of cash

    1. Totally agree. If I really get into the game I might consider getting a set of the official ones. Primarily if my son decides he wants to play...

  2. Good looking warlord. For Samurai Battles, I made my own dice sets too only my source for inexpensive dice was the Dollar Tree.

  3. Ragnar looks very much the part!


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