Norman Casualties

When I ordered the Artizen Landsknecht casualties from Caliver books I decided to get some of Gripping Beast Norman Casualty markers to augment the plastic casualties that came with the Conquest Games sets:

The Gripping Beast set comes with two flat Nights, one flat horse and a a stooping Knight who looks like he has taken and arrow to the leg.  (Not to the knee, so he may still continue adventuring.)  These were meant to be Fatigue tokens for Saga, but reading over the rules it seems that they would need to be far too numerous for even a small game.  I think they will may excellent disorder markers for Impetus.


  1. I see you are on a casualty roll! Nice work.

    1. When painting time is tight, I find that game aids can give a simple feeling of accomplishment..

  2. Replies
    1. As do I. I just made a press mold of one of them so I can convert it into a Almoravid/Saracen casualty marker for adding some color to the mix.


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