Act casual-ty

It's been a busy month. but I have at least been able to knock out some Game Aides.  These are Landsknecht casualties from Artizan.  You get four different single sided castings  with a mix of armor types.  They are nicely detailed, just enough to look good as markers, but not so much that you can't crank them out rather quickly.

I will need a lot more to provide enough disorder markers for my Renaissance Project, but it is a start.  Next up the Norman/Spanish casualties....


  1. Well done with these casualties, nice colors!

  2. Great work on these casualty figs/markers.

  3. Nice job! These will make terrific casualty or disorder markers.

    Spring has really been busy on my home front as well. I have no time for gaming until mid-May. We should coordinate our schedules for a game after that.

  4. Good find and great execution!


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