Samurai Battles -travel Edition Part III

So here's the thing.....  Back in late November I decided to order some Parthian Cataphract Camels from Baccus  (because, hey, Armored Camels...)  Realizing that I also needed some Ashigaru w/Teppo to finish my Samurai Battles Travel Edition set, I added a pack to my order.  While I was on the webpage, of course I also needed to get the Command Tent for 4th Kawanagijima. That of course meant the opportunity to get some proper Ashigaru Archers to use instead of Samurai archers from the medieval collection I had been using.

Do you see where this is going?  I think I need help......

Ashigaru w/Yumi

Ashgaru w/Yari

Charging Samurai

Yellow-side archers

More Teppo

One problem of note with these figs. All of the Standard bearers with the Teppo armed Ashgaru packs came with Mis-cast heads.  Either that or a there is a strong correlation between Microcephaly and flag size.... 


  1. Hello,
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  2. Your 6mm figures look great and terrain tiles are even better in person. Well done!

  3. It sounds like the only help you need is with painting! :^D

  4. well done! i'm researching samurai battle formations to do my own 6mm armies for the same game. i've usually dealt with the larger scales but am now in love with the cnc family of games and ever since playing w/my buddy's 6mm nappies on a 4" hex hotz mats, i'm hooked. i like your basing.


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