Merry Christmas and Happy 6mm

Christmas is finally upon us which means I finally get to open my Secret Santa present.  It arrived in a parcel from Baccus, so I am sure it will be a welcome addition to the collection.  

Speaking of which, I set up Tank Transport boxes to use as a travel kit for my Samurai Battles travel set.  I actually used it on Sunday for several games at Jon's and my stuff travelled well.  I was able to distill everything down to three trays:  Figures, terrain and cards/dice.  I'm really taken with this game system and am thinking about finding something like a Bento Box to store it in to add to the proper flavor.  

I tried this configuration for the  figure stands, but will need to expand it to fit all of the figs necessary for the basic scenarios.  The large ring was cut to fit the Commander's Camp piece, but I ended up needing to use a larger base now that I have the Baccus figure painted up.

The Honor and Fortune tokens are a bit flimsy, so I've asked my Brother to find me 30 appropriate low denomination coins the next time he visits Tokyo.  I have been using my Red and Tan markers to denote hits, but Jon suggested using single casualty stands and stacking them on small chips to denote the number of hits.  This seems an excellent idea and thus will be stolen....

One the Ancients front I have finally gotten the figures to finish my last unit of Roman Archers.  I have neglected my ancients for some months now, and need to finish off the bits and pieces of the major armies.  

To that end, I also completed one more unit of Sassanid regulars.  This leaves me with 1 more unit of Regulars and 2 each of Slingers and Archers to complete in order to declare this force ready for battle.   

My goal for this month is to finish as many of my singleton units as possible.  That leaves the above Sassanids, my Parthian Camels, and my extra 6mm Samurai to go.  That and whatever is inside the mystery box....


  1. I got a Baccus SS as well, lots of lovely Artillery.

    Nice looking minis as well.

    Have a great Christmas


  2. I also got Baccus 6mm! Happy Christmas to you.

  3. First, Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    The Bento box and Japanese coins sound great. You also might consider some of the dials available now, covered with terrain and a casualty figure to use as hit markers; I've seen some nice examples of this lately.



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