15mm Dwarfs

Yes, that general is riding an armored bear, and thus your argument is invalid....

Following the success of our Halloween and Thanksgiving battle, the boy and I have been looking at doing some other fantasy games.  (Mostly inspired by our reading/listening to The Hobbit over Thanksgiving break.)  As the Elves are already done, and I did some Orcs and Goblins for Halloween, it is time to dive into the Dwarf Armies.  These 15mm Fantasy projects are all a hodge-podge affair, as I pick up available collections from Bartertown and other Market Places.  The result is a collection from multiple manufacturers.  The differences in scale is notable.

from L to R: Peter Pig, Black Raven, Reaper
I have 16 figures from Peter Pig that are just tiny compared to everything else.  That said, they are probably the closest to true 15mm as they are similar in build to my 15mm Old Glory and Essex historicals.

Peter Pig Dwarf Warriors and Crossbows
The Demonworld and Black Raven figures are comparable to each other, but are thicker and taller than other 15mm manufacturers

Demonworld Dwarf Warriors

Demonworld Dwarf Cavalry on Ponies

Black Raven Dwarf Archers

The Reaper figures are in a class by themselves. The detail is excellent, but they are huge even compared to my 20mm WWII collection.

Reaper Dwarf Berserkers

Reaper command group next to SHQ 20mm Falschirmjaegers
*You may note that I have modified some of the Berserkers to be more family friendly.  Some application of a file and paint results in two doing battle in their Athletic Supporters while the remaining three are sporting the "Swarthy guy in tiny Speedo" look and would be at home on the Jersey Shore.

For basing, I have opted to go with larger single-unit bases.  I have become quite fond of this basing structure of late, and it fits well with the types of games my son and I play.  For rules, I am doing a fantasy knock-off of Command and Colors.  The magic system will be similar to the Samurai Battles honor system, but with different 'spell effects'  I am aware of the existence of Battlelore, however I really don't want to shell out $150.00 for the set.  That, and I think it will be more fun to try and come up with magic and card designs with a soon-to-be seven year old.


  1. Love the armored bear mount and associated comment. As for nekkid dwarf berserkers... that's just *wrong*, LOL. At least they should be wearing *armored* thongs. Hah!

  2. Nice looking figures, your son is very lucky to have a Dad who wants to involve him and your lucky to have a son who wants to get involved



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