More Battles of Westeros

 A few more pics of the Battles of Westeros/Game of Thrones figures from the box set.  I haven't based these yet to highlight the base issue. These figures need to be glued in or rebased entirely to handle any sort of use.  You get a total of 10 command figures in the base game; 2 mounted and 3 foot per side.

The Lannister leaders

 And the Starks
Eddard Stark, Karstark, Great John Umber, Robb Stark
Maege Mormont has gone missing for the moment, for those wondering were the fifth Stark Leader went...


  1. Interesting... and doubtless much cheaper than a Hobbit Special Edition set from GW!

    BTW, I have nominated you for the Leibster Blog award. :-)

  2. Those are bad bases but I am sure you will sort them out



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