Halloween - Final Battle Part I

The King stood as a statue, staring out over the great host of skeletal warriors descending from the North.  He did blink finally, and shook his head to clear the shock from his mind.  To his left his escort leaned forward in his saddle, jaw agape.  This was no time to show weakness.  There was much to be done.  

"Sir Blaque" he called.  "Are you fit to ride?"

The man approached, haggard looking but determined.  "Of course my liege, what do you need of me?"

"A great army approaches   I fear we will not be able to hold them here along the ridge, and the river may not be a sufficient barrier.  Ride to the village and tell the Duke to build his defenses there.  The main force will center on the North Gate itself.  Now hurry!   Time will not wait!"

"At once my lord!"  The knight spun his horse and pounded down the trail at a full gallop.

"He rides like the hounds of hell themselves are at his back." The king thought, "and perhaps they are."

Ghosts sweep across the river.
King Mason decided to fall back on the village and the Northgate to face the coming horde.  Two units of Infantry were deployed at the river crossings to slow the undead so the archers and cannons could cut down their number.  His force included a newly built mortar that would allow him to blast apart units on the far ridge.

This battle would be a desperate one.

The Knights prepare to sell themselves dearly to buy time for the village

The Knights meet the crash of skeletons as other regiments slowly envelope them.

The general seems pensive as the bats find purchase on the wall

The main force of Skeletons crashes into the defenders over the fence.  hordes would fall, but they would not be stopped.

The Kings Halberdiers prepare to defend the gap, as the skeletons approach.  In the distance a giant and dragons have joined the Skeletons in the assault

After a fierce battle, the halberdiers fall and the Skeleton's sweep within the walls.
The King's reserve counter-attacks to seal the breach.
Meanwhile skeletal hands begin to rip apart the gate.

The captain of the Royal Guard attempts  a valiant last stand to buy time to evacuate the village.

..and he falls only moments before Sir Blau could ride to his rescue.

The king's archer fire volley after volley into the giant.  The creature gives a great shout and collapses with hundreds of shafts protruding from his armor.

The King exhaled in relief as the last Skeleton fell within his walls.  The Halberdiers had managed to retake the breech in the wall, and soldiers struggled to throw lumber and debris into the gap to help fortify it for the next assault.  The gate continued to grown under the mass of undead pressing against it.  In the distance he could see Skeletons sweeping into the village, the last of the archers fleeing before them.

Things seemed grim, he could see the dragons approaching and feared the havoc they would surely wreak upon his forces.

All eyes turned to the East when the blast of War-horns rolled across the fields.  There spreading out before them, was the vanguard  of a mass of white-clad knights.  Their red crosses and pennants flapping in the wind could mean only one thing:  the Knights of Saint George had come to the battle.


  1. Desperate action for the King's men indeed.

    "The Horns -it is the Riders of Rohan", err,

    "The Horns - it is the Knights of St George!" :-)


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