Command and Colors/Samurai Battles Part 2

The Samurai Battle's tabletop conversion continues.  16th Century Japan has always held a fascination for me.  Back in the late nineties, I amassed a sizable collection of Samurai figures and tried several different rule sets.  (Killer Katana's was one of my favorites)  I haven't played with them in ages, and they have languished on the shelves for years.  My infatuation with Command and Colors resulted in my Purchase of Zvesda's Samurai Battles game.  I quite enjoy the game, so I am making my Samurai army the first to convert to new basing.

I've mentioned before a desire to move to single unit basing, and the new hex mat gave me an idea... While perusing the flooring section at Home Depot for idea on the new house, I stumbled on to their samples for the Allure laminate flooring system.  

The samples come in 4" squares and are half the thickness of the normal flooring.  (2mm instead of 4mm)  They are heavy gauge, cut easily with a tile knife.  I grabbed several samples to try out.

Cut in half they fit nice and snug inside the terrain hexes.

The next step is to turn this:

into this:

I really like the heft and look of the large unit bases.  I am going with 18-21 figures in three ranks for each infantry base, and 14-16 missile troops in two ranks.  As a later project I am going to make some Pavice stands to add to the missile troops when they are in the defense.
The Samurai I am going a little more "open order" than the Ashigaru

The cavalry are just 8 figs to a stand, and I am going to keep my commanders on 2"x 1.5" bases.  Here is my first completed formation.  The "yellow army"