The unquiet dead stir in the hills

My 15mm painting total for the month is rapidly approaching 400 figures.  While that number may seem an enormous sum, let me give a shout of appreciation to the existence of  The Army Painter's "Skeleton Bone" colored primer.  I picked up about 350 15mm skeletons for the Halloween extravaganza with my boy.  The lion's share of them coming from the old Ral Partha Rank and File line. The above miniatures are all my "polearm" units.  There are still another six units of Spearmen (heavy and light) that I need to finish basing.  Carrying over from my previous post,  I opted to base these the same way:

The 1 big and 2 small unit size allows me to reflect various formations, and I can combine units easily for larger scale games.



Also in the mix were these Reaper Skeleton archers.

For the archers I am opting with maintaining single rank stands, as they are the most likely to spread out to increase their arc of fire.  I considered going with two long stands, but I am also trying to simplify my collection of bases as well.  Each unit will get one more stand, I just need to find a couple appropriate leader models to set the command stand off from the others.

Next up, creepies and crawlies...


  1. "Them Bones, them Bones, them... dry Bones!"

    Looking all ready for All Hallow's Eve!


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