Rehabilitating the Past -Part III

Some more re-furbed units from my old WHFB collection.  This time some skirmishing archers:

The figure I painted to for the Archer unit looks stylistically different, so I am going to do at least two more, so he doesn't stick out quite so much.

I also rounded out this Halberd units with support

Under the old rules, core Empire units could have supporting units that gained some benefit from their proximity.  To that end I added a unit of Swordsmen for one flank and hand-gunners for the other.  Most of the Halberdiers and Swordsmen are from GW's old "Ersatz-solder" figures where there were four different body sculpts with plug in weapons.  These included Sword/Shield, Halberd and I think Crossbow.  I bought a large number back in the early 90s with the intent of forging a massive force.  Didn't work out so well.
The Handgunners are mostly new, as the figures were only partially painted and then forgotten back in 1998.

These guys were originally intended to allow me to turn the formation into three separate units.  I really need to clean up the shields.  They have not aged well.