Gamecraft Storage

I recently picked up some storage trays from Gamecraft Miniatures and I am really quite pleased.  The are $9.00 a unit and come disassembled.  They are laser-cut MDF so be prepared for a faint odor like a house-fire for the first few days.

Assembly is pretty strait-forward as the pieces are all cut to fit.  There is an assembly video on the Gamecraft Website if you are truly confused.  The most complex part of assembly is probably the two long pieces

You need to glue the outer faceplate to create the "stackable" capability.  I did mine by gluing the pieces together with wood glue and then sliding them all together in the stack shown and compressing it with about 40lbs of weight.  As you can see with the second one down, the water content in the wood glue causes the thin MDF to warp slightly so it is important to get the pressure.  If you use CyA, you can probably skip the compression.

Ones the sides were complete I assembled the boxes and made a 'frame' using several old text books to ensure adequate support on all sides so it would dry square.

You'll note the side's are marked with the company website on one side and "tank transport" on the other.  I thought about reversing the sides to hide the markings, but only one side of the wood is plain, the other shows a wood grain.  I am not opposed to using them as tank transports, but I found they were better suited to my 6mm ancients

The trays are about 27mm deep, 25mm with one of the two foam pads provided.  This is more than deep enough for most based 6mm figs, with the exception of my Baccus Pikemen and Lance armed cavalry.  I just ordered a few more, and will probably pick up some of the lids as well.  In some of the website videos you can see larger versions of these in the background, although they do not appear to be available for purchase.