Command and Colors for kids ver 1.5

I got home from work yesterday to find a game set up downstairs.  I recently purchased Zvesda's "Samurai Battle's" with its Command and Colors rule module, and the boy found the tiled hills and wanted to have a go.
He dug out my recently painted baccus Celts and put together the two sides.  I received four units of skirmishers, 3 units of medium cavalry and a general escorted by some heavy cavalry.  He had three units of medium infantry, 2 units of skirmishers and a "super unit" of two heavy cav stands with 2 attached generals.

Since the board was not divided into flanks (I was to advance along the length of the board)  He decided we should roll dice for movement instead of draw cards.  We rolled for number of command dice:  he rolled a 5, I got a 4.  Here were the rules:

  • Roll your command dice at the start of the turn
  • You can move one unit of each type for every green, red or blue you roll.
  • You can move a unit of your choice for every commander rolled.
  • Ignore Flags and Swords

I launched my attack up the middle as he sent a strong flanking attack against me.  I was virtually unable to roll a green the entire time, so my Cavalry did most of the work.  It was a close game.  I savaged his center units as his flank attack swept through my immovable skirmishers.    It was 6-6 going into the final turn as my medium cavalry launched an attack against his super unit.  You can probably guess the results....

This is what victory should feel like


  1. Looks like another great time. Tell me your son's middle name isn't "Scipio" or something! :-)

  2. No, I believe his mother would have beat my $%^ if I tried that.


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