Back to the Ancients

A few more units to round out my ancients collection.  First up, I reorganized my Republican Roman cavalry units to fit my CC:A basing style.  This required me to paint a few more figs to get to the proper level.

I also finished two more units of Celtic cavalry to oppose them,

This leaves just a pack of Baccus' unarmored Celtic cavalry and one pack of Baccus Fanatics to finish and I will declare my Celts complete.

Finally, I finished my Sassanid Armored elephants.

These were a relief as they mean that I finally finished all of the Baccus minis I picked up form Scale Creep's big clearance sale from last Spring.  There is always a certain sense of fulfillment I get when I paint the last mini from an order or a trade.  A sense that the lead pile has perhaps diminished to a more manageable level.    And then I do something stupid like order more stuff and the Sisyphean ordeal begins anew....


  1. Nice looking minis. I too love to cross of figures from the list, especially if I can do it within a year of buying them


  2. I get the same fulfillment upon completion but then I look over at the remaining pile of lead. Joy is fleeting.

  3. That's why I keep most of the unpainted figures in the Garage where I can't see them....


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