Celtic Army part I -The infantry

I celebrated labor day by finally finishing off some of the Baccus figs that have languished the longest in the lead piles:

That's right, the Celts.  These are from before the revamp of the range and as such only came three models to strip rather than four.  As such, I tried some different basing schemes to see what looked best.  Three of the units were done with 18 models per stand by keeping the strips whole.  

Two more were done with loose figures to emphasize the barbarian horde effect.  These ended up with 12-15 figures per stand.

 The left overs forma unit of 'skirmishers'  I wanted to use all of the figures as I assume any others I purchase will have a very different look.  (This is very obvious with my Baccus Imperial Romans, where the first generation models are stockier and have thicker bases)

Also in the bag were the Javelin throwers who will form my missile troops.  I decided to organize them along the lines of Command and Colors Ancients, with units of four stands each and broken into mostly medium and light troops.  The red unit is supposed to represent a particularly 'hard' unit of veterans.  

Next up the cavalry and chariots.


  1. Nice work. For my 6mm CCA project, each CCA-equivalent foot and horse unit is based on one 24mm x 45mm stand. I use markers to signify 'hits' and vary the number of figures/strips to denote unit type (light skirmish , light cavalry, auxilliary, medium, heavy, etc.).

  2. These are figures, I don't know how your eyes can cope with this scale! I tried 10mm for a little while but had to give up! 15/18mm old glory is about my limit!

  3. oops meant to say 'nice painted figures'!

  4. I started basing all of my ancients on 1.75" x 1" bases a few years back. I organized the units into 4 or 6 stand groups. Since I picked up CCA recently, I decided to try them out in the grand scale using 4" hexes and my existing units. That said, I have played a few games of CCA: Jr (more on that later) with my son using the individual stands on the existing CCA board.


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