The table

The first major hurdle with my new table is now complete.  I have decided on a design for the top, and assembled the most important piece:  the playing surface.  The interior is 48"x72" which will work for 90% of my games.  It is recessed in 4" and will eventually have a lid to cover it.

I couldn't resist testing the fit in the den.

The next step is build the upper rails and the 'lid' proper.  I am also working on the stand, but it will take longer as I intend to build a full suite of drawers and cabinets to store my terrain.  As a treat for myself I order my first Hotz Mat to try out on the tables maiden voyage.  I also order a copy of SAGA, although I am not sure if that will be the first game.


  1. I thought I was green yesterday, that looks acracking project, I only wish had half the skills your showing


  2. I hope you have made enough space in the compartments so that the corners can hold beer cans :)

  3. I am planning on adding two cup holders per side to accommodate all manner of refreshments.


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