The much maligned Puma

In addition to the Ultramodern Russians and US Army models, I am updating my German and British forces.  When GHQ released the new PUMA IFV model, I ordered three packs along with some Leopard 2A6s.

The models themselves are very clean with flat panels and a very smooth look.  This makes them look more like something from a 6mm Science Fiction line than the traditional GHQ model.  This was not the problem, however.  The release of the model resulted in a small furor over both the size of the model and number of roadwheels.

Comparison with Leo 2A6

The road wheel issue resulted in a re-sculpt with 6 rather than 5 road wheels.  All 15 of mine are of the 5 wheel variety, but I think I will survive.  The size is apparently the result of the combat vehicle have 4 different armor packages depending on threat environments.  (I remember the old M8 Armor Gun System had a similar concept.)  This is apparently level 4 armor which makes it look like a linebacker.  I haven't seen a pic of the real thing yet, and GHQ is standing by its sculpt.  That said, I think the following at least illustrate why some are concerned about the scale....

Issues of size aside, it is on par with GHQs traditional work and will fit in nicely with the the Leo IIs and Boxers in the new Brigade....


  1. "...GHQ is standing by its sculpt"

    Going by your pics, the Puma looks defintely overscale compare to the Leopard 2s. According to the entries in Wikipedia, the latter's dimensions are: L9.97m, W3.75m, H3.0m and the Puma's are: L7.4m, W3.7m, H3.1m.

    The Puma therefore only exceeds the Leopard's dimensions by - Height 0.1m. yet the model in your pics appears wider than the Leopard and higher than 0.1m of a metre.


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