I finished these back in June.  The BMP-T "Terminator" model from GHQ.  I love the concept of a bridge between IFVs and Tanks.  The Russian army has apparently put the acquisition on hold, but the original concept was to deploy these as combat support vehicles in built up areas with the tanks.  With twin 30mm auto-cannons, 2x30mm Automatic Grenade Launchers and 4x AT missiles they seem more Sci-Fi than actual combat vehicle.

For the paint scheme I tried to do the modern Russian 3 color camo scheme with a brush rather than my airbrush.  The armor is Russian Green with Soviet Tan and German Camo Black for the camouflage.

This is the last of the armor I wanted to paint up for my Ultra Modern Russian Brigade.  This concludes my final excuse to avoid painting the infantry.  Although I do really need to add tactical markings.....