Der Tisch

Docking operations complete.  I added some silicon caulk to seal the base board and reinforced it for the next step.

Here is 100lbs of Silica sand as a proof of concept.  This will also serve a secondary role as a zen garden when I am truly stressed out.

The primary purpose of the sand is to sculpt the terrain.  I picked up this PVC rubber sheet for $15 from JoAnne fabrics to protect my felt game mats from the sand itself.  I will paint one side brown or green to reduce the stark contrast.

  I opted to splurge and get a Hotz mat.  This is the enhanced European fields with 3in hexes.  I like the overall lay of the felt over the hills, but need to figure out how to reduce some of the wrinkles.

Finally, here are some pics with minis to show the lay of the hills with my 6mm stuff.


  1. That looks great and you will get far more life like hill masses though doing that


  2. Excellent result. It doesn't shrink compared to the Geek Chic tables! Now I'm jealous.

  3. Truly a fantastic looking table! The modified Sand Table approach is very interesting, although not one I'll be adopting. I suspect it is especially well suited to your 6mm figures.

    The German title reminded me, disturbingly, of the case determining pronouns of that language, i.e. "an, auf, hinter, in, neben", undo so weiter, probably due to the lecturer always using der proverbial Tisch to illustrate the use of the dative, etc. :-)


    1. make that "und so weiter" (and so forth). Thought I corrected that typo the frst time, LOL!

    2. Honestly, I remember "DER Tisch" from a guy in my German class loudly proclaiming "MISTER TABLE" when Frau Tan told us "der tisch" in a lecture

  4. I'm amazed how good that looks. I wish I had a mat for my games, but oddly, I do not... nor much time to actually game.


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