Almost there....

We hit a significant mile stone this weekend with the completion of the base and table top.  Here you can see my son posing in his new "fort."  The cabinet is functional for holding buildings and terrain, and will look much better once I make some doors.

The other side will hold my collection of rules and reference files.  

We took advantage of the 98 degree temperatures to bake on the varnish for the table top this afternoon as well.  

 It includes four cup holders and 2x 10" by 4" dice trays.

Tomorrow we attach the top to the bottom and see about setting up a game to test it out.


  1. Now that's what I like to see, cup holders! A sense of priority! Looking good! I wish I had the space for a permanent table.

  2. It is looking good, I also would love the space (and the skill) to do what yo have done. Maybe in my next life LOL


  3. Too bad you now have to dress proper as a victorian gentleman to match your table. Will the table feature foldable legs?

  4. No folding legs. I am going to fix the table top to the cabinets and do some build-in shelves between them for game mats and such. As to the dedicated room and table... well that is kind of why the table is getting a "lid" so it can be used as a hobby and craft table as well. I still must share my space to some degree...

  5. Looking very good; gonna give those Geek Chick guys some competition in the table dept... although you might need a moustache monacle to go with the table! :-)



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