Age of Sail

Found these while unpacking.  These are NAVWAR/Figurehead 1/2400 scale sailing ships I did years ago as part of my foray into the War of 1812.  I bought several packs to reflect the various engagements  of the time period, with a few extra French Ships thrown in to boot.  Perhaps I should locate the USS Constitution, finish her, and try some Wooden Ships and Iron Men....


  1. NIce looking ships; makes me think I ought to get my own 1:1200 fleets on the table again before long!

  2. I saw an article on and today that the Navy is taking the USS Constitution out for a spin under its own power (2nd time in 110 years) to commemorate it's victory over HMS Guerriere 200 years ago. I suppose I should paint up mine before another 100 years passes.


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