Adventures in 185mm??

Well, the move is now complete.  In June I finished my annual training just in time to close on our new home and pack-transport-unpack the family's belongings.  We now have several acres outside the city of Moscow (no, not that one) in the shadow of Moscow Mountain. I was able to complete a number of 6mm projects during my off-hours at AT (Staff work is a very different animal from when I was in Armor and Cavalry units), however basing has been put on hold until I get my hobby area re-established.  Speaking of which....

I turned 40 this month and achieved two my big goals: I rode the STP (annual Seattle to Portland bike ride) with my brothers and I finally have a Man-Cave.  My new home included a 12'x20' converted garage that was being used as a craft and drafting room by the previous occupants.  It includes several built-in cabinets and a potpourri of different drywall types.  My wife claimed one of the bedrooms for her quilting supplies and the den shall be shared between myself and the boy.

As you can see from the pictures it is also one of the  box 'staging areas' for the move.  My goal is to transform it into the hobby room I have daydreamed about since my youth.  To that end I have established the following objectives:

1.  Figure display shelves.  In my old home I had a wall of bookcases used to display the majority of my painted collection.  The problem was that there was never enough room.  It seems I always had painted figures tucked away in bins and boxes.  As I am primarily a painter/modeler rather than a player, this needs to be rectified.  Currently I am thinking of removing the shelves and drywall from an interior wall and doing some recessed shelving.

2.  Storage cabinets, and fold away painting table  This hobby can get messy.  I want to make a den that feels comfortable to be in, but doesn't look like an industrial space with all of the paint pots, terrain trays, etc.  I want to be able to sequester those things away from prying eyes so all they see is the completed fruits of my efforts.

3.  Recessed gaming table.  If you have not drooled over the tables at Geek Chic, you should give them a look far outside the price range I could justify for the paltry amount of actual gaming I do, I like their high quality tables and especially the recessed game table itself.  I was fortunate to inherit a substantial amount of hardwood with the property (The previous owner is a retired cabinet maker) so I can make something that looks nice, rather than the 2x4 timbered constructs of my past. I like the recessed style as it allows me to cover up terrain and use it as a work space.  In addition, I can simply lay out terrain panels over the table top to build a larger game board if the need ever arises. A few years ago I was attending a school at Fort Knox, KY and had the opportunity to use a custom sand table for my Briefings.  It was a beautifully crafted hard wood table with the Armor Branch insignia engraved across the top.  The table top slipped off to reveal a 4" deep sand table underneath.   You could wet the sand and then sculpt it match your graphics.  I didn't get a chance to take of picture of it, but I want to recreate that table as a 4'x6' game table.

 Well enough ramblings.  I will try to post some pictures of the Modern Iranians, Ancient Parthians and Huns I have been working on as soon as I get them based.  I do need to get this room finished though, as Baccus is eventually going to revamp their French Napoleonic line this year, which will end any other progress for me in other areas....


  1. Something has happened to the font and background colours on the last two paragraphs. Those purpose built tables are lust inducing....

  2. I too, have drooled at those tables. Lord Ashram has done quite a nice selfmade solution on his table and mancave:

  3. Glad the move went well, and the room will look great when it's set up. The Geek Chic tables are wonderful, but hideously expensive; I really do wonder who can afford them!

  4. Thanks for the link Mikko, it gives me some ideas for the design. I now have the old cabinets out and the walls painted. Next step is to re-stain some furniture and assemble my display shelves.

  5. That looks a promising games room and I look forward to seeing it complete. I've got use of our attic room but can't really make it fully mine. One day maybe!
    Good luck with it all!


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