a taste of the republic

No real painting done of late.  I am away at annual training and housed in a tiny cubicle of a room.  I am using the opportunity to post a few pics of stuff I have finally gotten around to basing. Such as this Unit of Baccus 6mm Triarii.  That raises my Republican army to two units, yet I never really intended on doing republicans....  But isn't that always the way with this hobby?  I assume that is how many of us end up with figs from the same era in multiple scales.


  1. OK, so you have Triarii, so now you need he Princeps, Hastatii, Velites and Cavalry to go with it. :-)

    The wisest decision I ever made was NOT to get involved in multiple scales. I started 15mm ACW twice, and both times decided I didn't like the scale or the uniforms (Or the mosty two arms nature of the conflict t6actically) enough to continue on. Both times gave them away after doing a unit each of infantry Cavalry, and artillery.

    So aside from some 15mm galleys, all my stuff is 25/28mm - and it's staying that way!

    The only other major era I see myself as ever starting at this point in my life (and collection size!) would be 7YW. I have a whole unit each of Prussian Infantry, Artillery,and cavalry, and never got (or ordered) any further.


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