Wait,  I paint stuff other than tanks?  It's been awhile I admit, but I have actually been beavering away at finishing my enemies of Rome stuff as well.  It is a more difficult process as basing and finishing seem to take more time than actual painting.  (My Celtic infantry continue to mock me from there stick in the corner of the room.  Their patchwork of colored shields taunting my restless sleep...)  Anyway, these Cataphracts are really just ancient tanks so it is really not that much of a change of pace.

Scalecreep Miniatures ran a discount sale on their Baccus Stock a few months back, and I decided to take the opportunity to purchase of few bags of the various enemies of Rome.  I settled primarily on Parthian and Hunnic figures to build up a primarily mounted force.

I used two bags of Parthian Cataphracts to create four units and a pair of Generals.  These will form the core of my army, with several units of Horse Archers providing support and a lone unit of Camelry for interest.
General 1
General 2

To flesh out the units I decided to go with two units in straight formations and two in wedges, this was both for appearance and to stretch out the figs.  The line units look good with 6 figs each, but the wedges seem to flow more naturally at five.

I changed up the basing as well, focusing on using some of the lighter toned sand and sparse flock I am planning for my crusader armies....


  1. Now that's what I call Parthian shots! :-)

    Looking good!


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