Picoarmor Airpower

I ordered some 3mm buildings from Picoarmor last month and decided to throw in a US and WARPAC support pack to take a look at the the 3mm Strike Aircraft.  Since I only really play Brigade and above level games, I find that Aircraft rarely spend any time on the table, and thus I rarely get around to painting them.  I figured this would be a quick and easy way to grow my air assets on the cheap.  
That said, I really like how these models look.  The metal is very hard (and brittle), and takes the detail well. The level of detail itself is very appropriate for the scale, capturing the big stuff you would notice at the 24" test.  

The first pack I did was the US Modern Ground Support pack:

2x A10s in European 1

2x F4s painted as Luftwaffe

My crosses and West German flag good..from a distance

Finally, 2x F16 Vipers in 2-tone grey

I tried to add the tactical markings in an 'impressionist' fashion.  

I started work on the WARPAC strike pack, but I am not liking how my first trial scheme turned out.  I will have to rethink these.



All told, I like models, and I think I will get some Tornado IDS and MIGs to add to my Cold War collection.  Also, I want to replace the 2mm Irregular figs I use for scenario design.  Perhaps I will try some of their 3mm Leopards and T72s...