MERDC II -The Starships!

Confession time:  I love the M60A2.  I know the gun/missile system was a bust and they were over complicated.  I know the vehicles were pretty much relegated to REFORGER sites, but they are just so cool looking.  It was like the Army wanted to take a moment and pretend they were making "future-tanks!" before returning to their standard configuration with the M60A3.

I got these off of eBay, and five of them had a European three-tone scheme.  I added the sand and black lines to make them look a little more like Winter Verdant, as I can't find any photos of this tank in anything but basic Green and MERDC schemes.

The other four are in a Summer Verdant scheme that really brings out that Carter era malaise-y goodness.  You can almost imagine a crewman returning to a burnt-orange and lemon yellow house, to enjoy a couple Billy beers on a Avocado green couch while admiring his blue shag carpet.

and why not add some MIM-72 Chaparral and a M163 VADS (or PIVAD) to the mix?