"The Bundeswehr is just a Wehrmacht that never lost a war...."

More figures from my cold war collection.  I have been working to complete a couple brigades over the years to try and prevent my Soviet 79th Guards Tank Division from penetrating North of Fulda.  (After painting up the 11th ACR for MSH and then a Brigade of 3rd Armor, it seemed right to do some West Germans.)  I have roughly 1 Panzer Brigade completed in platoon scale, and the better part of a reservist unit armed with Leopard 1s and M48Gs.

As a Scout, I have always respected the German expertise on reconnaissance and drive to perfect a dedicated recon vehicle.  I have an associate who got to play with the Luchs during the trials for the Styker brigades an he seemed suitably impressed.

Here are the Engineer stands for the Brigade from the MTOE from Modern Spearhead.

Looking at the Reserve unit, here are some of the Leopard 1s and a company of JP Kanone

Much to my disappointment, I finished these Jaguar ATGM carriers only to discover that the Missile sprue was MIA.  Crap....

Here are a couple of Bergepanzers.  Can you pick out the GHQ model?

 A couple of mortar carriers I finished to add to the M113 based infantry battalion.  I even tried to freehand a German Cross with mixed results.

Finally, I have a collection of Marder IFVs representing different manufacturer''s vision.  I have tried to organize my Infantry Companies to at least use models from the same company, a some look funky together.

I believe these are CinC

From the long defunct In-Service Miniatures line


As with the IDF infantry I mentioned a few posts ago, this force also has two packs of infantry painted and mounted on bases.  They still sit there, staring accusingly, demanding I finish the flocking.....


  1. Spot the GHQ AFV LOL, that was hard.

    Nice looking figures again


  2. Wow
    Wery nice..
    This is 6mm scale...


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