Wagons and Such

As I have mentioned, I am trying to clear my painting area of all the partially completed projects before we move to the new house this summer.  As such I finally got around to basing these happy fellows:

These are all from my 15mm Medieval collection, and I cannot remember the manufacturer.  I have another 10 horses completed, but I'll be #$%@-ed if I can't remember where I put the rest of the wagons.  

I also found some interesting 6mm terrain pieces.  First a church:

And these blown bridge set.  It includes the bridge as built

and the bridge after the scouts got to it....

Next up, something completely different....


  1. I *love* the wagons - really fine models, and the baggage makes them even better!

    So, will the new house have an "executive wargames suite"... or at least a spacious basement? :-)

    When we bought our home about 25 years ago, adequate basement space was a must - I actually have a 6 x 20 foot table down there, although I rarely use more than about 12 feet of the length for games.

  2. I was just discussing the plans for my 'Den' last knight. I have already staked out a large craftroom/painting studio that the previous owner had set up on the lower floor as "Daddy's room" I have always wanted a space where I can just set up a table and develop it over time. I only get to play a few games a year, so I am looking forward to being able to create a detailed layout in the weeks leading up to these rare and wonderous occasions.


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