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With all the SCI-FI and Microarmor of late, I feel I am neglecting my favorite 6mm figs.  I finally finished two more units of Auxilia Archers from Baccus:

These archers only come 10 strips per pack with two command, so I have been slowly assembling these units over time.  I have 10 complete stands now, and will need to get one more pack w/o command to finish my Green Archers

I am still working on my Gauls and Celts on the long term to give these guys a suitable opponent.  I also took advantage of Scale Creep Miniatures stock reduction sale to get some Sassanids and Parthians to add to the fun.


  1. I'm not sure which rule set I will settle on. Originally I used a homebrew set based off of 'Ancient Warfare' and then transitioned to a homebrew of Warmaster (before Warmaster Ancients was released.) I have been looking at Field of Glory and War and Conquest as possible new candidates. Overall I have been painting my units in groups of 3-6 stands to allow me more options when I figure out the right set of rules.


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