PLA trial units

and now for something a little different....
I've always wanted to assemble a PLA (Chinese) force for micro armor, and thought I would try out some airbrush camo schemes.  For this first unit, I decided to use some leftover French vehicles that could serve as Chinese pieces as well.  First off were these French VAB-VCI 6x6's.  There are five each from Scotia, CinC and GHQ.  They are close enough in appearance to the WZ551, that it shouldn't make a difference.
My collection also included some VAB 4x4s including 2 mortar carriers and 2 ATGM systems.  I am not sure if the PLA uses the Mortar carriers, but I have seen photos of a similar ATGM turret mounted on the WZ551 chassis.
For Air Defense, I know the Chinese licence the Croatale wheeled launcher system, and I opted for the AMX chassis SPAA as well.  I also have some 85mm AA mounted on a T-34 Chassis for my 80s era forces. 
Finally some of GHQs SX2150s.  Finely detailed model and a breeze to paint. 

Next on the block for the Chinese will be my Type 59s, WZ 501s and three blisters of GHQ's "Modern Chinese Infantry"  They are primered, but no telling when I will get around to applying the camo scheme next.


  1. They're looking good. What airbrush do you use? I bought one (well two actually!) a while back but have yet to try them in anger. How do you find them for microarmour?

  2. Badger 150 IIRC. Honestly, I have discovered it is less about the airbrush itself and more about getting the pressure correct. I used to use a hobby compressor that generated a constant 40psi. A few B-days ago my wife got me a high grade compressor and some pnuematic tools for the shop. I found that dropping the pressure to around 20-25psi gave me the ability to paint much finer lines. I still struggle with getting the right paint consistancy as I think it is all good, and then is splats my models with a spatter shot. (I have some German 1/2-tracks that came out completely wrecked...)

  3. Cheers. Once I've finished my current batch of 28s I'll dig mine out and give it a try...


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