Modernizing my Russian Army part II

I mentioned these a few months ago and then promptly forgot to post the pics.  These are the BMP-3s for my modernized Russian Brigade Combat team.  They reflect the three Motorized Rifle Battalions that comprise the Infantry contingent for the Brigade.  Organized for Modern Spearhead or Cold War Commander they have:

3x Motorized Rifle battalions each with
     1 BMP-3 (HQ)
     1 ADA PLT BMP-3 w/ MANPAD
     1 AGL PLT BMP-3 w/AGS-17
     1 MTR PLT w/ 1x 82 or 120mm Mortar  w/Truck
     3x MR Companies w/ 2 BMP-3 and 2 Inf teams each (if using CWC)
      1x Tank PLT 3x T-90 (If not in 2nd TankBN)

I posted the two T-90 Battalions and the other supporting vehicles previously.

Here is one of the Battalions configured for Cold War Commander with the separate Infantry stands.  I have taken to mounting all of my Infantry stands on 1.25" x .5" stands rather than the 1.25" squares from Spearhead.  I think they look better, and give more flexibility for use in other games.  Also of note is that I am mounting all of my HQ, Recon and ADA assets on round bases to make them easier to distinguish.

I still have 5 BTR-Ts to complete for this formation.  I know they may never actually be deployed, but the models them selves are just far too cool to pass up.