Mesopotamian Battletech part I....

More Battletech Nostalgia.  This time the models are from the Boxed Sets that I received while deployed overseas.  I had placed the boxed set on my Amazon "Want List" prior to the deployment and was surprised when a copy arrived from my Sister-in-Law. I was more surprised a few days later when a second copy arrived from her husband.  Apparently they both decided to get me a copy and hadn't mentioned it to the other.  I had shipped several of my paints over to give me something to do with my free time.  (I learned on my first trip to Iraq that I could only play so many video games.)  I primered these using the Tan and Black spray paint we had available down at the motor pool, and decided I would do them up as some of my favorite factions from the early Battletech novels and sourcebooks.
The first test set came in as McKinnon's Raiders aka "The Foxes Teeth"
To go along with these I did some as the 7th Crucis Lancers, the Raider's parent unit.

For my primary antagonists I decided to do the Kurita Sword of Light vs. The Kell Hounds.  I had a good strong red, and figured that these would paint up quickly and cleanly,

Yes, those are T-Walls in the Background

Note the lack of Flock, that was intentional as any soil used to base them could have had them seized by customs...

Kurita contingent

These would become Genyosha
and these are Tan...

After returning home I opted to finish the mechs and expand the contingents  a little bit, mostly by adding some old Plastech mechs from the earlier boxed sets as well as some other models in the "I've been meaning to paint those" collection.  

I modified this one with a gun from one of the Mechwarrior plastech vehicles.

These cleaned up very nicely.

and these are still Tan....