IDF Rotary Wing Aviation

As I mentioned previously, my Wife and I are actively looking at moving closer to one of the bigger cities here in the Palouse.  The end result is that I am slowly but surely packing away all of my miniature collections and projects.  (This led to a tragic overturn of a box containing roughly 700 painted and based Arab-Israeli conflict tanks and carriers recently...)  The long and short of it for me is that I am using this as an opportunity to clear many of my incomplete projects.  The downside for you the viewer, is that I am going to be inflicting a wide variety of painted projects on your eyes.  Be prepared for such abominations as 15mm and 25mm figures.  There may also be the odd Fantasy or even Science Fiction miniature.  My apologies in Advance for outrage....

That said, I just finished off some Aviation Assets for my IDF forces.  I have a collection ranging from the 1956 war to current, with multiple armor and infantry Brigades in MSH scale for the Israeli's, Egyptians and Syrians.

Some UH-1s.  The red ring looked like an interesting way to imply motion.

One of my Cobras, I lack the skill to pull off the "Dragon" I see in the source material

GHQ MD500s.  I understand they only had limited use with the IDF.  I tried something different with the Windscreens this time.


  1. Pictures of 25mm figures - oh, the horror... snort! :-)

  2. Well I did name the blog "adventures in 6mm" the 15mm and 25mm seems disingenuous to the central premise....


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